Liner Notes

Appelman_Me_coverAll of the music and lyrics on Me were written by Nick Appelman. The recording process included the following personnel:

  • Songwriting & Rhythm Guitars – Nick Appelman
  • Vocals – Laurel Sanders
  • Guitar Solos, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming – Jonathan Padilla

Produced, arranged and orchestrated by Jonathan Padilla at Le Studio Ghetto in Los Angeles.

Nick’s guitars and other related equipment used on this recording included:

  • ESP-LTD Ninja 600 (for scratch tracks & demos)
  • Jackson RR1 Randy Rhoads (for all tracks in drop-D tuning)
  • Nick Appelman V (for all tracks in E-standard & drop-B tuning)
  • BOSS GT-10 (used for main guitar sound, tone & effects)

All guitars were strung, strummed & equipped with: 10-46, 10-52 Ernie Ball & Clear Tone strings, Dunlop Jazz III Picks, and 81-60 EMG pickups.

Thanks: God (for without whom, NONE of this would be possible), My Mom & Dad for bringing me into this world and bringing me up into everything I would become. My sister Kathy Lawrence & her family (Ray, Lucy, James, Alex & Isabella), My brother Jonathon, my grandmother Helen Garcia, Rita Garcia (Harvey), Sophia Walker, Louis Garcia, Louis Salain, Adam Taoras, Joe & Terry Melendez, Allen Steelgrave, Berry Erb, Harry ‘Bear’ Theophile, Bill Hudson, Nikki Stringfield, Brad Jurjens, everyone at Peavey Hollywood, Nic Nassaut & Cat Grimm, Chad & Mandy Muncy, Adam & Charlotte Hatten, Charly Gienau, Brian James Eiken, Christian Redelsperger, Jerry Martin, Colin Reed, David Cheribum, Dante Hill, Don & Brenda Bailey, Donna & Luis Chaparro, Ed Laing, Emily Brady & family, Robert Fisher, Fred Saunders, Glen LaFerman, Hans Eichman, Mark Lagowski, Stephen Hobbs, Moshe Alvarez, Tanya Garcia, Paul Tharp & Family, Jaime Black, James & Sarah Cheek, Jasmine & Tom Coppin, Everyone at ESP Guitars, Jill Vigil, Jocelyn Crisp, Joe Ambrose, Joel Tummond, Joey Jane, Johnny Death, Ken Steiger, Kenny Smith & Emily Jackson, Lee Jackson, Todd McTavish, Lynne Potter, Amanda Bieswanger, Mario Rubio, Melissa Phelps, Meranda Garcia, Nick Rynders & Michelle Cantor, Mike Dupke, Mike ‘Ekim’ Ramsey, Mike Vile, Monte Pittman, Adam Opitz, Tim Faulkerson, R.G. Murray, Randy Hocevar, Rob Gordon, Samoa Joe, The Church on the Way, Thomas Snyder, Tim Walker, everyone at Tour Supply, Vadim Shaffir, Josh Hernandez, Martina Bergstrand, Moa henriksson, Before The Mourning, Cowboy Coffee, Even Severed, Tracy Trahan & Family, Aaron Rossi & Mandi Martyr, Ian Shea, all artists that have inspired me to want to be the person and artist I wish to become, & anybody and everybody else who has treated me right, has been good to me, and has put up with me over the years—I love you greatly, thank you!

Extra Special Thanks: Jesus Christ, Andrew von Gregor, Jonathan Padilla, Laurel Sanders, Niki Nussbaum, Seth Worsham, J.J. Garcia, Chad Sullivan, Mike Thomas, and Jackie Tharp. I thank you all SO VERY deeply. Without your kindness, care, support and not letting me quit & setting me straight when I needed it, I would not have gotten this far in life at all. I thank you and I thank God for you. Thank you!


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